Aproved according the European EASA-FCL standars, this course is recgonized by AESA, to obtain the theoretical knowledge for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).
This certification is also the way to credit the necessary expertise to obtain the Instrument Flight Rules Rating (IR) and for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). This means that after passing the 14 subjects, you will not need more theoretical proof for the rest of your instructions as a pilot.



✓ 7 months, no flying involved

✓ Monday to Friday from 5pm to 9 pm


✓ Over 18 years

✓ Private Pilot License (PPL)

✓ High school diploma or acces exam by Aerofan


With 650 hours of ground school, the subjects are:

✓ Air Law and ATC Procedures

✓ Aircraft General Knoledge - Airframe and Systems

✓ Aircraft General Knoledge - Instrumentation

✓ Flight Performance and Planning - Mass and Balance

✓ Flight Performance and Planning - Performance

✓ Flight Planning and Monitoring

✓ Human Performance

✓ Meteorology

✓ Navigation - General Navigation

✓ Navigation - Radio Navigation

✓ Operational Procedures

✓ Principles of Flight

✓ Communications - VFR Communications

✓ Communications - IFR Communications




To be paid in 7 months.

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