The CPL(A) license allows you to work as a pilot for hire, either with an Operator or for other airworks, such as forestal pilot, aerotaxi ,etc. You can also work for an airline holding this license, the ATPL theory and the appropiate ratings.

This module can be taken before or after the IR rating.


✓ PPL license

✓ Class I Medical Certificate

✓ ATPL(A) Theory passed

✓ 100h as a crosscountry PIC

Holding an IR Rating

✓ 15h of flight (10h basic single engine aircraft and 5h in advanced SEP)

✓ Skill test


NOT Holding an IR Rating

✓ 25h of flight (10h basic single engine aircraft, 5h in advanced SEP and 10h instrumental time)

✓ Skill test


NOT Included Concepts

✖ Examiner fee

✖ Aerodrome fee out of our bases

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