Flight Instructors are with us since the begining of our careers until we become fully qualified pilots ready to jump in one of the big jets. If you want to share your passion for aviation, there is no better way than becoming a flight instrutor! This fundamental line of work in the aeronautical world is a great chance to improve as a pilot, gaining lots of experience and flight hours. With this course you will be able to instruct PPL and Integrated students, which will make you be up to date no only with your flight skills but also with the knowledge requiered to impart class. Once you begin working as a FI, you will gain the experience necessary to begin with CPL and basic IR, with no further courses needed.

Our Aerofan instructors fly an average of 400h a year and work with students with many backgrounds which will make you offer your best. If you love flying and meeting new people, this is your ideal job!


  • CPL license with at least 200h total, of which 100h must be as PIC. If you were in an Integrated Pilot Program you are also elegible.
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • 5h of SEP flying in the last 6 moths


You will go through 125h of ground training in which you will learn teaching techniques that will be put into use, firstly in front of your colleges and later in front of a real class, supervised by an Aerofan instrutor.

The flying part of the course consists of a pre-entry skill test by one of our instructors, 30h of SEP (with up to 5h as PIC) and the skill test (the examiner fee is not included).

Price FI(A)


A payment of 750€ will be made upon registration. The rest will be paid in 3 installments of 2.000€ as you fly.

 If you are interested in the Intrumental Rated Instructor IRI(A) Course or the Class Rating Instructor CRI(A) Course, please contact us to provide a quote.

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