Intrument (IR) and Multi Engine Piston (MEP) ratings will allow you to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions and aircraft with more than one piston engine respectively. This ratings must be hold by all pilots pursuing an airline career. In Aerofan we use the Diamond DA42 and Cessna 310 for the Multi Engine part of the course and advanced Piper for the Single Engine.

According to your preference,  you can start with wichever course you want as long as you meet the appropiate requirements.


✓ PPL License

✓ Class I Medical Certificate

✓ ATPL(A) theory successfully completed

✓ 50h as crosscountry PIC 

✓ VFR Night Flying Rating

Program and Prices

Single Engine IR first, then Multiengine

Module Hours included Price
IR Single Engine IR-SEP 50h + skill test 9.100€
Multi Engine Visual 6h + skill test 2.900€
IR Multi Engine MEP-IR 5h + skill test 2.800€
Total 61h + skill tests 14.800€

Since they are infividual modules, they will be noted in your license as you pass the corresponding skill test. In order to start the MEP-IR course you need the visual MEP and IR-SEP anotations in your license.

Both ratings simultaneously

In the case that you would like to obtain all the ratings at the same time, you would only need to perform one skill test. The structure for this course would be: 40h in Single Engine and 21h in Multi Engine Piston. The bast majority of the ours will be instrumental, with only a few hours of multi engine visual as an adaptation.

The stimated time to complete this course is around 2 months.

Price: 15.800€

NOT Included Concepts

✖ Examiner fees

✖ Aerodrome fees out of our bases

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