The Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) is the last step before being elegible for an airline job. In it, the students will learn how to cooperate effectively in crews of more than one pilot. Bigger planes mean more complex systems and therefore the need of more pilots in the cockpit to cope with high workloads.


✓ CPL (A)

✓ IR (A)

✓ MEP (A)


✓ 30h of ground school

✓ Crew Resource Management

✓ Human Performance

✓ Normal and emergency procedures

✓ Performance in turbofan airplanes



✓ 20h in 5 lessons

✓ 10h as Pilot Flying

✓ 10h as Pilot Monitoring 

✓ 15h pre-flight briefing

✓ 10h post-flight debriefing

The synthetic training device employed is either the Airbus A320 or Boeing B757 certified as FSTD the level DG, meaning that the flight parameters and physics simulation is the highest possible. This is the same technology used by airlines in order to train their pilots.


2.200 € B757 FFS

2.500 € A320 FFS 

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