The Private Pilot License (Airplane) will allow you to act as the pilot in command on any flight performed in a single engine piston aircraft in visual meteorological conditions. This license is considered to be recreational, so you can fly anyone you like as long as you are not charging them for your services. It is also the first step into becoming a full airline pilot, if you chose to go for the modular path.

Ground schools consists of 9 subjects imparted everyweek, monday to thursday from 7pm to 9pm. Every each Friday you can also attend the Aerodrome and Plane Course, needed to begin yor flight instruction.

Theoretical Syllabus

✓ Air law

✓ General Aircraft Knowledge

✓ Performance and Flight Planning

✓ Human Performance

✓ Meteorology

✓ Navigation

✓ Operational Procedures

✓ Flight Principles

✓ Communications

Flight Experience

Aerofan flies everyday, from 9am to sunset. All flight lessons are focused in you to become a safe pilot, developing your skills trough out many maneouvers and crosscontry flights. Each flight lesson is individual, but you can backseat if the lesson allows for it.

✓ 45 hours included, at least 10 of them must be solo

✓ Preflight and post flight briefing

✓ Flight safety

✓ Normal procedures

✓ Emergency procedures

✓ Custom lessons for your needs

We also use the online platform MOODLE for you to have access to the materials used in ground school and to keep in touch with your instructors.

Included Concepts

✓ Ground and flight lessons

✓ Burocracy and paperwork

✓ Aerodrome fees in Madrid Cuatro Vientos (LECU) and Robledillo de Mohernando

NOT Included Concepts

✖ Student personal study tools (headsets, flight computer and printed books)

✖ Aerodrome fees outside our bases

✖ Class 1 Medical Certificate

✖ AESA fees and examiners fees

✖ Additional trainning

The total amount of these concepts is about 400€, without any additional flight training.


From 7.500€

The pirce tag of 7.500€ is for the course in the Cessna C152. If you would like to perform the course in the superior Cessna C172 or Piper 28-180, the final price would be 8.800€. This quotes don't include any additional flight training.

When starting ground school you must pay 500€ (C152) or 800€ (C172) and the rest can be paid as you fly. In order to start flying you need to have enough credit.

If you want to know more, feel free to visit us at our office in Madrid Cuatro Vientos, call us at +34 91 508 6600, reach via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us a private message in our Facebook.

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