TCP Course

Passenger Cabin Crew Course

The AEROFAN Passenger Cabin Crew Course, is under the EU OPS regulations, is a study plan authorized by the Ministry of Public Works and approved by the State Security Agency Air (AESA). Students will obtain the Official Certificate of Passenger Cabin Crew, in accordance with the provisions indicated in regulation (EU) No. 290/2012 of the commission, of March 30, 2012, which modifies regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 , which establishes technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation flight personnel under Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

The Certificate of Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP) is mandatory to perform functions as a member of the crew on board commercial aircraft, in European and international airlines.


Train and certify future Passenger Cabin Crew.

Give the student a competitive, professional and solid training.

Acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job of TCP in any airline.

Train Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Manage passenger safety and always maintain control in any situation during the flight.

Understand and apply normal operating procedures, emergency procedures, and coordination with the crew.


We offer flexible schedules and payment methods, as well as an excellent training quality.

Our instructors, the quality of the equipment and 15 years of experience training TCP’s, make AEROFAN your best choice to take your course as Cabin Crew. Passengers.

If you are a person with a gift for people, wanting to see the world, outgoing and with the ability to manage and work well in a team, you are an excellent candidate to start your career as TCP.


The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part

habilidades para ser tripulante de cabina


• General Aviation Theoretical Knowledge.

• Relevant aeronautical regulations and institutions for the cabin crew.

• Introductory course on human factors in aeronautics and also crew resource management (CRM).

• Passenger assistance and cabin surveillance:
General obligations of the TCPs, in case of normal and emergency operation, documentation, briefing, etc.

• Aeronautical Medicine and First Aid: Basic concepts of Aeronautical medicine, medical emergencies in flight, medical supplies and equipment on board, health and hygiene.

• Dangerous Goods: General criteria, limitations, labels and marks, emergency procedures.

• Training in fire and smoke fighting: techniques for extinguishing fires.


• Identification and use of safety and emergency equipment.
• Safety demonstration.
• Actions in case of emergencies (fire and smoke, depressurization).
• Medical practices (actions in case of suffocation, resuscitation maneuver).
• Rescue and Survival Techniques in the water (with and without raft).
• Swimming test.

escuela de aviación en madrid


The practical training of a TCPs consists of carrying out emergency procedures, being able to evacuate passengers, jump down evacuation slides, etc.
To comply with this, AEROFAN has the best facilities for simulators and mockups to carry out these trainings:


  • Generic BOEING mockup:
  • Cockpit, for incapacitation practices.
  • Galley forward.
  • Business cabin with 6 seats.
  • Tourist cabin with 30 seats.
  • 2 crew transports.
  • Evacuation ramp: one way.
  • Smoke for emergency drills.



A fire is reproduced, in order to apply the procedures established for its extinction.AEROFAN has for this all the emergency material necessary to carry out the training:

  • Different types of Fire Extinguishers
  • PBEs
  • Extinguishing gloves.
  • Ax
  • Goat Leg
  • Oxygen Bottles


1450 €*

Course price


It includes:

Practices in model of Madrid Cuatro Vientos Airport, approved by the Air Safety Agency (AESA)

License Processing Management

AESA Examiner Fee

Accident insurance

Pool practice

Orientation for personal interviews and curriculum vite

Does not include:

The CC Medical Certificate and the License Issuance Fee

To Pay at the Bank
€ 1450 * The price may vary, depending on the Offers made by the School. Stay tuned to social networks and website

Course duration: seven weeks

Hours from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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